The Bibliothèque is run by a twenty-something girl, who loves to devour YA and NA literature during her free time.

Okay… maybe it all started during my free time and now it’s almost an obsession. Alright, alright, not almost. I have a serious problem of addiction.

I am here to share with the world my guilty pleasure, so, welcome to my teeny tiny corner in the internet where I will spill my heart out for you all. Get comfy, grab that cup of coffee and let’s do this!


*I can’t believe I am updating the about section, but here I go*

Something important about me: I am a helpless romantic. So yes, I fall into the romantic stereotype, and trust me, I check all the boxes. I blame all the Disney movies that helped raising me… Anyway, this fact about me has a huge impact on my taste in books (and my completely useless knowledge of Disney songs by heart). Being the hopeless romantic I am, I basically live for the shipping. A part from that, I read pretty much any subgenre of Young Adult and New Adult: contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, re-tellings… I seriously don’t mind as long as something about it catches my eye. And has ROMANCE.

Jumping now to my favourite stage of getting to know someone… random facts! There we go, some random truths about my endearing self:

  • I am a coffee person to the point that I am no person at all without coffee.
  • Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats… so sadly I have to say bye bye to the dreamy and paradisiac Japanese cat-cafes (if you haven’t heard of them, google that right now).
  • I love karaoke, but I am an awful singer. And by awful I mean the worst singer ever. Don’t think this is me being all humble or anything like it, I have been asked to “please for the love of god, shut up” while singing. Yep, that bad.
  • Last but not least, I have succumbed to the bookstagram charm. Bookstagram is my latest obsession so if you have a thing for girly and fluffy book photos, you are officially my bookstasoulmate. (Yayaya I made that word up, so what?)

If you like what you see and read, please let’s be friends and stalk each other, secretly or not, I don’t really mind if you want to love from afar or if you’d like to spam my accounts with all your bookish feels instead. You can find my social links below and in the sidebar, add me, leave a comment, write a love letter or one telling me you hate how girly and fluffy my blog is. (Okay, please don’t do the latter).





Now co-blogger in The Aus. Library!



*Blush and Navy flowers – credit: Fox and Hazel – Thanks a million for the lovely freebies and the gorgeous designs ❤


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