The Bibliothèque presents: The Comfort Zone Reading Challenge!


I have been waiting to put together this reading challenge for a while now. I know it may be a tiiiiny bit late, given that we are almost done with January. But yet again, life got in the way and I had no choice but to postpone this until today. Nevertheless, I couldn’t be more excited so, here we go anyway 🙂

My biggest flaw as a reader is that I am a very lazy one. I rarely try out new genres and I stick to my comfort zone like a champ. Truth is things that are not easy are just hard. This might seem obvious but if you think about it… It couldn’t be simpler. Pushing yourself to broad your reading horizon is not an easy task. Trying new things is one of the hardest things in life. At least in my case, the simple thought of getting out of my reading comfort zone and challenge myself sends a shiver down my spine. Ah the hassle. Would it be worth it? Would I like it? Why change it if this works for me? It’s scary, that’s for sure. But I think it’s about time to grow some lady ba… courage and do it. Are you with me?


This was mostly for myself, or at least it genuinely started as a tbr-pile on goodreads where I listed books to challenge myself during 2017. So yes, we can very well state that this is a new year’s resolution thing. So, I thought: why not sharing it with everyone else? I am sure there are more readers like me out there, ones that want to redeem themselves this year by challenging their-shelves – I am not even sorry for the pun. Well, this is for us!

What is the Comfort Zone?

The comfort zone includes those genres you feel more comfortable reading. Those that are your to-go genres and those that you have gotten used to read because you feel at ease by doing so. For instance, my comfort zone comprises YA and NA.

In oder words… The reading comfort zone is like those sweatpants you wear at home because damn, are they comfy and why should I not wear them if I know I’m in paradise. Or like that grilled cheese sandwich you eat every time you are hungry and don’t know what to cook. Why bother trying a fancy sandwich with crackling-topped pork, coleslaw and wilted silverbeet? What if I don’t like it? How is it going to be better than grilled cheese? and what the hell is silverbeet?

What is The Comfort Zone Reading Challenge?

Easy, is a reading challenge to challenge your-shelf – still not sorry for the pun – during 2017. You just need to read books that belong to genres that are out of your comfort zone. For instance, I will read books that fall into genres such as thriller, non fiction, memoirs, adult fiction, classics or horror.

What do I have to do in order to take part in the Challenge?

You just need to read 17 books that fall into genres out of your comfort zone during the year 2017.

In oder words… Spice things up, loose the sweatpants and try something out of that comfortable grilled cheese sandwich. For the ones confused, please re-read “What is the Comfort Zone” section.

But 17 are too many… It’s more than 1 book per month!

Cool your jets. You can pick 7 books, or 10. Or 13 if you also want to challenge your luck. What matters here is that you pick up books that you would usually not dedicate a second glance. Pick as many books as you’d like.

Can I read 17 books from just 1 genre?

Yes! As long as it’s out of your comfort zone, you are good to go.

What do I accomplish with this? Is there a prize?

Well, you will have my forever gratitude for taking part, and what’s more important, by the end of the year you will have challenged your-shelf. You will probably discover new genres that you thought were not worth the try, or maybe you will be sure you don’t like certain ones. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

As for the prize, it depends on how many of you want to take part 🙂 If there’s enough people, I will host a giveaway for those who took part.

The giveaway will not include sandwiches or sweatpants. For the ones confused, please re-read “What is the Comfort Zone” section.

How do I sign up for this?

Easy, just fill out the form below. I will create a section in my blog where I will post a list of everyone who wants to participate. It doesn’t matter whether you have a blog, instagram, twitter, youtube or you are just a booklover.

Taking part via blog:

It would be amazing if you share a post with the list of books you want to tackle for the challenge. Please take my header image or create one yourself mentioning thebibliotheque as a host and share the challenge with your followers. The more the merrier!

Taking part via Twitter:

It would be amazing if you share this post and mention what genres or books you want to tackle during the challenge. Tag me in the tweet so I can retweet 🙂  Find me on Twitter: BlogBibliotheque

Taking part via Instagram:

I will post today the challenge on instagram, so you just need to keep an eye on that. I will give the details there but it would be amazing if you share that post and mention what genres or books you want to tackle during the challenge. Tag me in the post so I can share the love 🙂 Find me on Instagram: thebibliotheque

Taking part via Youtube:

It would be amazing if you share this Reading Challenge and that I am hosting it. Feel free to mention what genres or books you want to tackle during the challenge. Let me know and send me the video link so  I can share the love 🙂

Fill in the form and let me know which genres you’d like to read during the challenge and which social network(s) will you use to share the challenge. Do not hesitate to ask away if you have further questions.


That’s pretty much it for now, guys. I will be sharing soon my list of books for the challenge. I hope you give it a thought and do this with me! Let’s challenge ourselves!


17 thoughts on “The Bibliothèque presents: The Comfort Zone Reading Challenge!

    1. GREAT! So happy to hear that 😀 Would you like to sign in then? You can fill in the form in the post or just whenever you publish your post let me know so I can add you to the list 🙂

  1. Great idea! I would like to challenge my-shelf (LOL). I’m still thinking what exactly I want to read, but I’m definitely joining the challenge 😀

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